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Deciding where to shop!

1. Choosing the best location for you

•Selecting a store close to home is not only convenient, but it also keeps our surrounding economy in our towns thriving.

2. A small business vs. a chain store

•A business with years of experience in bridal will give you the service that you deserve. •Beware of chain stores that are only interested in their bottom line and looking to get you in out for a fast sale.

Internet Shopping from a non-retailer site!(BEWARE!!!!!)

1. Dont be fooled by a great deal!

•If the deal looks to good to be true it probably is! Companies from China will show you a photo of a gown you LOVE, but will REPRODUCE it with INFERIOR BEADING,POOR QUALITY OF FABRIC and AWFUL CONSTRUCTION in the gown.Bride's wind up spending more money than planned because of their purchase on the internet.

What to try on! 1. Get Ideas

Looking at dresses in the bridal magazines and the internet will get you started in what styles you like.

2. Your body type!

•Deciding on what will flatter your shape can be challenging, but trying on different styles will give you great insight! At Special Memories we work to find the PERFECT DRESS FOR YOU!Be open to try other suggestions from your sales professional. They are trained to help you choose what the best style is for you and your body type.

Knowing when to buy!

1.It's the ONE!
Buying "the dress" will be a for-sure decision. Every bride knows that the dress they buy is the one for them (at least Special Memories bride do!)

2.Beware of fast sale tactics

•You should never be pressured into buying a dress! If you are not sure, DON'T BUY! A bridal store will wait for you to be sure that it is the one and only dress for you, a chain store will not! They want you to buy right away and use the excuse that your dress may not be available if you decide later. The only dress that cannot be reordered is if it's discontinued. In truth, a chain store has hundreds of your dress in a warehouse. A bridal store orders specifically for YOU! Your dress is not made until YOU order! Your dress should be the ONE, an extension of you and what you've dreamed you would look like on the most important day of your life.